In accordance with the implemented quality systems ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP (Good Practices of Producing Cosmetics), we provide services in the field of:

Blister packaging

We pack tablets, capsules (hard, soft) and pellets in PVC-PVDC/ALU blisters.

We offer blisters in various sizes and with different number of sockets depending on the customer’s needs.

Sachet packaging

We pack using vertical and horizontal machines with a capacity of 40 to 160 pcs/min.


We offer sachets in various sizes from 40 x 50mm to 200 x 220mm and the following capacities of sachets:

– from 0.5ml to 60ml (liquid products)

– from 0.5g to 500g (loose products)


For production, we use laminates from proven, qualified suppliers. The products that we can pack in sachets include: creams, lotions, peels, gels, shampoos, loose products, capsules, tablets, etc. We can also pack a single nonwoven wipe in a sachet, which can be soaked with any liquid; or a double sachet in which one wipe is soaked and the another one is dry.


We pack liquid products and powders in Sticks.

We offer a wide range of sizes from 12mm x 50mm (minimum stick size) up to a maximum of 55 x 150mm.


In the above way, it is possible to pack:

– from 0.5ml to 20ml (liquids)

– from 0.5g to 20g (food powders and dietary supplements)


We offer portioning of tablets, capsules as well as loose products, as well as, dietary supplements in jars, bottles, doypacks, etc.


Our packaging services are comprehensive and also include various variants of labeling, marking, dating and the use of shrink sleeve labels.

PE tubes

We offer the possibility of filling polyethylene (PE) tubes in available sizes from diameter 19mm to 50mm. It is possible to pack liquid products such as gels, shampoos and creams in this way.

Aluminum tubes

Our offer also includes the possibility of filling aluminum tubes with diameters from 13.5 mm to 35 mm.

We are at your disposal

If you have a question about our offer or products, call. Our advisers will be happy to answer all your questions.

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