Within its extensive commercial offer, Dortech has also developed its internal Technology Department, in which it creates its own recipes and, at the request of other customers, also ready product recipes.


– a powdered food supplement that minimizes symptoms present after drinking alcohol

The project has a positive opinion of the University of Life Sciences from PoznaƄ and was registered at the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.


Alko Antidotum – is a dietary supplement used to minimize the effects of alcohol consumption. The rich composition makes the effects of use sensational. Glucose contained in the product quickly provides energy, which immediately gets everybody back on their feet. The presence of fumaric and succinic acids accelerates the metabolism of alcohol, thanks to which the effects of consumption are not nuisant. The minerals contained supplement the deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium in the body and regulate the electrolyte balance, and vitamin C reduces the sensitivity to alcohol metabolism products. Lecithin and L-glutamine positively affect memory and concentration. In addition, the product has a delicious, refreshing lemon flavor.


Technological information:
Alko Antidotum is a white powder, packed in a 6 x 8 cm sachets. The powder weight in a single sachet is 3.5g. The unit package consists of two sachets packed in a pocket-type packaging with a euro hole. The bulk packaging is of the display type and consists of five unit packages.


Composition of the product:
glucose, magnesium gluconate, calcium gluconate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, vitamin C, lecithin, l-glutanine, fumaric acid, succinic acid, lemon flavor, malic acid, ascesulfame K.

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Sugar, Xylitol

in sachets or in 5g sticks

The product is addressed to people who care about health. Due to the lower calorific value and low glycemic index, it can be used by diabetics. Unlike ordinary sugar, it does not cause tooth decay. It has bactericidal properties. It can be used by over 3 years old children.


100% xylitol produced from birch tree.


Country of origin:

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Swabs for skin disinfection

for skin disinfection

Skin disinfectant soaked with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Ideally suited for a variety of treatments where skin disinfection is required. Cleans the skin with cuts and scratches.


The isopropyl alcohol contained in the swab has antibacterial and fungicidal properties, thus contributing to the reduction of the risk of infection.


Due to the soft structure of non-woven fabrics, swabs are also ideally suited for disinfecting medical and cosmetic equipment and all types of instruments used in treatments.

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Lemon wipes

for refreshing the skin of hands and body

Moisturizing refreshing wipe with a lemon aroma is ideal for cleansing the skin of hands and body, leaving a beautiful lemon aroma on it. The special liquid formula makes the hands clean, without the feeling of stickiness. Our wipes have been dermatologically tested.


Each wipe is packaged in a separate packaging which guarantees its comfort and safety of use for the whole family and protects against drying out. The wipe is large and comfortable to use when traveling. Small packaging takes up little space so you can take it anywhere!

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Cleaning wipes

eyeglasses, LCD and shoes.

They are ideal for cleaning:


  • glasses and other glass surfaces such as cameras, visors and LCD surfaces. They effectively remove fat and leave no streaks. After opening, they are characterized by a pleasant smell.
  • footwear with grain leather, care and maintenance against adverse environmental conditions. The wipe is soaked in a glossy shine emulsion for shoes with a delicate fragrance.
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