A new service in sachet packaging

In July, Dortech Leszek Urbaniak launched a new biodegradable packaging service – sachet packing in PLA foil.


The new service consists in packaging products in various forms (including powders, granules, pastes and liquid products) into biodegradable sachets made of polylactide (PLA) It is a polymer belonging to the group of Aliphatic polyesters, and is fully biodegradable. It is obtained from renewable natural resources such as e.g.: corn meal. The sachet maintains its high durability – it can be stored on a shelf for several years, without changing its physico-chemical properties. In combination with compost under controlled conditions, it is decomposed within several dozen days.


The new service is addressed mainly to the conscious customers who care about the natural environment.


New services are also offered with the possibility of controlling the microbiological purity of the packaged products and testing the physical and chemical properties of both raw materials and the finished product.


high strength

The conducted R&D works allowed to determine the properties of PLA foil, ensuring high strength both in terms of foil thickness and welds, comparable to the strength of sachets available on the market obtained from non-biodegradable materials.


high printability

Prints on biodegradable plastics are comparable in quality with prints on commercial foils intended for the production of food packaging. Due to the ecological nature of PLA foil, waterborne paints are the most suitable paints for printing. There is a possibility of printing PLA material with both flexographic and rotogravure printings.


susceptibility to welding already at low temperatures of 70-90 ° C

R&D works showed susceptibility to welding at temperatures of 30 – 60oC lower than for other materials. It is an important feature of the improved service, which allows to reduce costs due to the reduction of unit energy consumption, while having a positive impact on the environment.


very high barrier for taste and smell

The material used for sachet packing has a high degree of preservation of the taste and aroma of the packaged product. This barrier is better than in the case of materials made of PE and PP and comparable with PET.


tightness of the weld

The conducted R&D works showed tightness of welds comparable to the ones present on the market of sachets. In addition, the purchased innovative sachets will provide 100% tightness due to the new design of the welding system.

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